Chen Bei, fashion designer, served as the judge of the 21st Global Women's Contest Grand Prix in Beijing and succeeded in bringing exciting performances to the opening contest.

 Recently, The 21st MRS.GLOBE Universal Women's Grand Final (Beijing Division finals) was held at the Rose Garden in Beijing's, Aegean Sea. Chen Bei, an internationally renowned designer of the competition's judging panel, worked with the Universal Women's Competition to bring global media and hundreds of millions of viewers together to witness the magnificent event.

 The Universal Women's Contest was launched by the US WIN Fund in 1996, for exclusive events for married women. In the past 21 years, the charity has been setting the core values for women’s events like this one. Since its establishment, it has grown to more than 160 countries and regions worldwide. More than 300,000 women globally, have benefitted from its success.

 Since entering China in 2013, It has also helped many Chinese ladies express the beauty of oriental women to the world. This coincides with the pursuit of the designer Chen Bei’s “Beauty from the inside and love from the inside out.”

 In the opening of the finals, the 15 ladies were dressed in the gorgeous clothing provided by the Paris senior fashion brand BEI, which is the official partner of The 21st Global Women’s Competition in Beijing. Under the guidance of Ms. Chen Bei; (founder and chief designer of the BEI brand) it was a perfect start to the opening show.

  The beauty of women is the essence of BEI's designs. Whether it is a fitted silk dress or loose and flowing trousers, the precise expression of the fashion line is her design theme, showing the most soulful feminine collection.